Grey’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo Reveals Reason She Won’t Do More Intimate Scenes


Throughout Grey’s Anatomy’s 18 seasons, fans have seen the thousands of medical cases the drama has featured, but also the hundreds of sporadic romances of the show’s different characters. However, in an interview with actress Ellen Pompeo, she assured that those days are behind her character, Dr. Meredith Grey.

During an interview Ellen Pompeo had on her “Tell Me” podcast with actress Kate Walsh, who will make an appearance in the final episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season 18, the star of the medical drama made a fairly confident statement about what is happening. willing to do or not do for the show when it comes to love scenes:

“Like now I work with Scott Speedman, who I adore. I really love him as a friend. He’s such a decent guy and I really value his friendship, and I value him as a person, and he’s a great actor. But… there’s a lot of shit I don’t want to do anymore.”


Recall that Scott Speedman plays Dr. Nick Marsh, who seems to be having romantic moments with Meredith, which means that both could end up being a couple for the end of the 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy, however, Pompeo assured that both are very good friends and that she wouldn’t want to do that kind of scene with him or anyone else.

“And I’m very lucky to be able to work with Scott, because I really like him, and that makes a big difference. Would you ever do that to a stranger? As if they just kicked a stranger off the street? No. I can’t do it, I can’t do it,” Pompeo assured on her podcast.

However, the beloved actress also made sure to point out that her decision has nothing to do with not trusting other male actors. Because they also feel uncomfortable as women to do some of these scenes, so some prefer to avoid doing them, or find another way for fans to believe.

Since the 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy began, viewers have been seeing how Meredith has been spending a lot of time with Nick in Minnesota, in addition to the job offer she is receiving to work there, viewers believe that it could be the final stretch of the medical drama, but it is not yet certain what decision she will make and if she will really establish a definitive romance with Nick.

The reality is that many things await Grey’s Anatomy fans with its 18th season, which will be back very soon on ABC television and you can find out the exact date and more details in our next note below.