Grey’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo Rebuts Fan Who Criticized Season 17


Grey’s Anatomy: This Saturday (19), a message from actress Ellen Pompeo on her official Twitter account caught the attention of Grey’s Anatomy fans. Protagonist of the medical series, she countered a fan who called season 17 “junk,” saying she loves the show but didn’t like the new season and can’t take the focus on the Covid-19 pandemic any longer.

After the message, Pompeo replied: “All right! There are seventeen seasons and we can’t please everyone all the time. It’s definitely not easy to go on with the show and make it good. I get it. Thanks for watching anyway and for your feedback, this is always important. I’m sending you love!”

Check out the conversation below:

The actress also took the opportunity to answer another fan about the challenges of recording the series in accordance with health safety protocols. “It was really hard not being able to walk around on set as we couldn’t interact as much when we weren’t filming,” she said. Also, she revealed that she doesn’t know if the producers will continue talking about Covid-19 in the next few episodes, as it was a very heavy topic for everyone.


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