Grey’s Anatomy: Did Patrick Dempsey make fun of it?


During an interview with ET Canada, Patrick Dempsey would have teased the end of the series Grey’s Anatomy. To the great misfortune of the fans!

One of Grey’s Anatomy star cast (Patrick Dempsey) gave an interview that scares fans. Indeed, he would have teased the end of the series.

In the time that Grey’s Anatomy has been on TV, the show has repatriated many fans. But the recent appearance of Patrick Dempsey in the press worries them.

Indeed, when asked if he expected the series to continue after Season 17, he replied, “It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months.” Ouch!

Patrick Dempsey’s comments during his appearance on ET Canada have turned some heads. While Grey’s Anatomy isn’t meant to last forever, there is no indication as of yet that Season 17 is the final episode.

When you read the comments from the actor’s interview, you notice a few surprised fans. They are not shy about making their feelings known. “He knows something … and I have a feeling that is bad news ????”, said one of the netizens. Oh oh…

If this is true, then it would put Meredith’s plot in a new context. “Ummm it’s going to be really interesting to see what will happen in the next few weeks,” exclaimed another netizen.

In fact, the Grey’s Anatomy actor’s comments were fuzzy. It seemed to indicate that the situation will resolve itself in the coming months. To be continued !


Not long ago, the actor also confided in the set of Grey’s Anatomy … He said that he “really enjoyed the shoot this time around.” “.

“It was truly a special experience for all of us! We all cried and we all had a lot of emotions. It was very healing. », He continued. Well ! But what does this mean?

Patrick Dempsey, referred to reports of an ancient, toxic work culture on set. “I think anytime you have an environment where you work 17 hours a day, six days a week, it’s very difficult to maintain that healthy environment. “, He then justified.

He also said he thought things got better behind the scenes before he left the series Greys Anatomy in 2015. Phew for the cast and for the fans who love this show!

“I have noticed changes in the direction of day-to-day operations. There is more equality within the crew and within the dynamics. People have grown, changed and learned! And they came out the other side. That’s life. “, He explained. All’s well, which ends well!


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