Grey’s Anatomy: Did Meredith get Alex to join Izzie?


According to the media Melty, it could well be that Meredith Gray is partly responsible for the departure of Alex Karev in Grey’s Anatomy!

For years now, Grey’s Anatomy has had its start. Fans have seen some very important people leave that they adored, like Alex. The media Melty, moreover, wondered about this departure caused by Meredith.

Grey’s Anatomy has been a hit with fans since 2005. It is indeed the longest medical series. She breaks all records. And the least we can say is that there are always stories.

While Grey’s Anatomy offered its fair share of surprises, so did the departures. Some still remain marked in people’s minds. Like Cristina, George, Derek, Lexie, Mark, Izzie but also Alex.

To date, three main characters have stood the test of time. They are Meredith Gray, Richard Webber and Miranda Bailey. They are still present in the series to the delight of fans.

But not long ago, Alex Karev was still part of the gang. To everyone’s surprise, he also left the hospital. A disappointment for the fans who did not expect it. According to Melty, Meredith would have caused this departure.

From the start, Meredith (Grey’s Anatomy) and Alex have had an incredible friendship. Always there for each other, they have always supported each other. If they faulted each other, they did everything to make up for it.

Alex has shown incredible loyalty to Meredith. The latter gave it back to him. According to Melty, he has never been able to be so loyal to Jo, despite the feelings he has for her.


The media reported, “His bond with Izzie (Grey’s Anatomy) is comparable to his bond with Meredith. And Alex may have realized that he would never get to be so devoted to Jo. ”

This would explain his desire to find Izzie Stevens (Grey’s Anatomy). As a reminder, the two experienced very difficult trials. They broke up a few times but eventually realized they were meant for each other.

Together, they even walked through the young woman’s brain tumor. The latter almost died. With the support of relatives and doctors, she still managed to beat this tumor.

But overnight, she disappeared, leaving no trace. Alex found himself on his own without hearing from his wife. Angry and very upset, the latter struggled to recover from his departure.

When Izzie returned to apologize, Alex (Grey’s Anatomy) did not want to get back with her. But in the last few seasons, he’s realized he doesn’t love Jo as much as Izzie. Surely it was his relationship with Meredith that sparked his ears.

After some thought, he betrayed Jo. Indeed, Alex joined Izzie. The latter had twins with the embryos they had frozen.


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