Grey’s Anatomy: Did Katherine Heigl finish the show?


Since Katherine Heigl left the series Grey’s Anatomy, internet users have been wondering if she could return

Could Katherine Heigl make her big comeback in Grey’s Anatomy? Or is she really done with this series?

What would Grey’s Anatomy be without Katherine Heigl’s incredible performance? If there is one character that has stood out among fans of the series, it’s Izzie Stevens.

We will never forget his extraordinary skills in the field of health, not even his state of health which has moved more than one! His close friendship with 007 aka O’Malley was also remembered.

And let’s not forget his love for Karev, or his passionate affair with Denis Duquette. In short, Izzie had been around since Grey’s Anatomy began.

With Cristina and Meredith, they formed a very good trio. But after six seasons, and after battling a brain tumor for many months, she decided to disappear from Seattle.

A real shock for her husband, but also for her biggest fans. From then on, Grey’s Anatomy never had the same intensity.


The main reason Katherine Heigl made this decision was because she no longer felt in osmosis with the members of the Greys Anatomy production. It must be said that his character did not please many people.

The actress suffered a lot from all the criticism during the shoot: “Back then, I was just told to shut up. The more I said I was sorry, the more they asked for more. The more I was terrified. ”

So Katherine Heigl said she was at its worst: “I was also scared of doing something wrong, the more I felt like I really did something terrible. I asked my mother and my husband to find me a place to go that could help me … ”

“Because I felt I would rather be dead then. I didn’t realize how much anxiety I suffered until I had to ask for help because I was in so much pain. ”

Despite his bad reputation, fans of the show have always loved him. Everyone would like to see her again. Especially at the end of the last season. In fact, she told our colleagues at the Washington Post that she was not against:

“So I could never say never. I think it would completely depend on the team there, what they think about it and also the history. ”

Katherine Heigl is even looking to improve herself and put aside her bad reputation: “I grew up accepting that ambition wasn’t a dirty word. And don’t let that make me less feminine. So I am a woman ambitious enough to have big dreams and big goals. “