Grey’s Anatomy Dethroned As Best Medical Drama By Another ’90s Series


What is it that draws us to medical dramas? Is it the sense of urgency every time we’re hooked on watching doctors frantically try to save someone’s life? Is it the smoky romances that break out between co-workers?

Whatever the case may be, medical dramas have been a reliable staple on television for decades, and if you need to have your dose of hospital drama, here are some of the best medical dramas that are sure to keep you talking for days to come.

Some watch Grey’s Anatomy and will see drama, medicine and many plots that are currently being debated among fans. It’s fair to say that this legacy medical drama is somewhat past its shelf life; but at its best, Grey’s Anatomy was one of, if not the first, top medical series on television.

The cast was great, the writing was great, and there wasn’t a single week that I didn’t hear a person talk about how great this show was. The series launched showrunner Shonda Rhimes’ career, and though she later let go of his hand, Grey’s Anatomy has some of the most anxiety-provoking episodes, and remains one of the best medical dramas ever produced.

While Grey’s Anatomy has heralded itself as one of the longest-running medical dramas in television history, it would largely not have been possible were it not for the booming success of ER in the ’90s, which is now airs on Hulu. Sure, St. Elsewhere was one of the best dramas of the ’80s, but ER made medical drama a hugely successful subgenre.

The cast was impeccable and the drama was top notch. ER became stale towards its end (especially compared to the then-fresh Grey’s Anatomy), but it in no way tarnishes the drama that paved the way for many medical drama universe series to come long after.