Grey’s Anatomy: Derek will appear more in season 17


In an interview with presenter Ellen Degeneres, actor Patrick Dempsey stated that his character in Grey’s Anatomy will continue to appear in almost every episode of the series’ 17th season.

Derek Shepherd was spotted by Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) – and consequently also by the audience – during the opening episode of the opening episode for ABC’s new medical drama season last week.

“I know that I am over this season. He [Derek] comes back to visit [Meredith], ”explained Dempsey during the interview.

Also according to the actor, his return to the series is also related to the current moment that the world’s population lives. The initial idea is to be able to bring comfort to the audience through this almost angelic figure of Derek.

The new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, which will also address the coronavirus pandemic, started airing a few weeks later than usual. All of this is due to the restrictive measures imposed to prevent the spread of covid-19, which affected many audiovisual productions.

Derek Shepherd’s return to the series was surprising to viewers. Dempsey said goodbye to Gray’s Anatomy during season 11, after his character’s fateful death in an accident. However, Derek was mentioned several times later in the series.

The apparent ghost presented to Meredith may also indicate some interesting topics that are expected to be discussed throughout this new season. The scene in question took place on a paradise beach, in which the couple was reunited after so long.

Krista Vernoff, current showrunner for Gray’s Anatomy, said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that Derek’s return brought new airs to the series’s narrative and that audiences will still be surprised to watch the next episodes. “We will see a lot more of [Derek] this season,” she said.

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The 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy is airing every Thursday on ABC.


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