Grey’s Anatomy: Crossover With Station 19 Reveals Harrowing Teaser


The ABC channel revealed this Tuesday (7) a new promotional teaser for Grey’s Anatomy, confirming an exclusive crossover with the series Station 19 for the premiere of the new seasons.

Images published on the channel’s official Twitter indicate that the popular medical series and the derivative about firefighters will meet after a tragic accident involving a truck and a hijacked fire truck. Alerting viewers with a rather emphatic “get ready”, the video suggests a “return for those” and hints at new tensions for protagonist Meredith Gray, as she again must deal with the anxieties of the profession, difficult decisions and a mysterious victim transported in a Apple.

Among other details, the participation of actresses Abigail Spencer and Kate Burton, respectively Megan Hunt and Ellis Grace — Meredith’s mother — stands out in moments of shock and counseling, while rescuers deal with the accident on the road and seek to bypass a traffic jam caused. by collision.

Season 19 of Season 19 and Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy, series produced by Shonda Rhimes, will debut on September 30, with a two-hour crossover episode on ABC channel.


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