Grey’s Anatomy: Crossover, tonight Station 19


The crossover between the series Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 arrives tonight! We give you more details. Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 crossover is coming to our screens tonight!

By the way, it’s the official account of the Greys Anatomy series that announces the good news! The crossover with the Station 19 series premieres tonight on ABC. We love !

An event eagerly awaited by fans of both series. It’s normal ! In fact, Grey’s Anatomy is entering its 17th season. And Station 19 its 4th.

Station 19, for its part, was able to finish its 3rd season to the end. The production of Grey’s Anatomy has meanwhile stopped filming. Eh yes !

The channel had still broadcast 21 episodes. But the shooting of the last 4 has been canceled. After several months of hiatus, filming of both series was able to resume! To the delight of the fans. And ours too!


So Grey’s Anatomy will air its brand new episodes from tonight. A little over a month ago we discovered a first trailer called War Zone.

Note that the two premieres will come in the form of a crossover. The episode will last 2 hours for the Grey’s Anatomy series. Just that !

Unsurprisingly, the characters of the two medical series find themselves facing the coronavirus health crisis. We then discover how our heroes will cope with the pandemic.

The story begins 1 month after the start of the pandemic. Showrunner Krista Vernoff had confirmed several times that the series will talk about the coronavirus.

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Immersed in a setting that comes very close to the reality we are living, we will discover how our favorite characters will survive the pandemic. Krista Vernoff is still very reassuring.

Indeed, the series will treat the pandemic with a touch of hope. Eh yes ! It will not be all dramas.

Discover the teaser in the post that follows. We look forward ! Case to be continued.


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