Grey’s Anatomy: characters from the beginning!


For years, Grey’s Anatomy has been shown on TV. But since season 1, several main characters have left. Except three!

It’s been years and years since Grey’s Anatomy has been a hit with fans. On the other hand, the more the seasons passed, the more the characters decided to leave the series. Others have been around since Season 1.

Shonda Rhimes premiered Grey’s Anatomy on ABC in 2005. And this year, the series is in its 17th season. On the other hand, fans wonder if this is the last or not. So far, showrunner Vernoff hasn’t said more.

Since the early days of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith Gray has been the main character. But as time went on, the fans also got attached to other doctors like Cristina, Derek, Alex and also George.

Since season 1, there are three characters who have stood up to the angels. First, there is Meredith. The one who has the main role has been there from the start. And the day she leaves, the show will end.


And the least that can be said is that Grey’s Anatomy did not spare Meredith. At first, she had to deal with her mother’s Alzeihmer. But also of her death, that of her father, that of her sister and that of her husband.

Meredith has survived a bomb, a plane crash, a drowning, a shootout, and numerous miscarriages. Now she is fighting against Covid-19. Despite all of this, she is still on the show and fans love her.

Miranda Bailey has also been present since Season 1. Known at first as the Chief Resident, she coached the team of Mereidht, Izzie, George, Alex and Cristina. Now she is the head of surgery at the hospital.

Always supported by Webber, she is a very strong character despite the difficulties of life. The third character who has resisted these many years is also Richard Webber. Chief of Surgery, he is a true pioneer.

Over time, he preferred to quit his post to become general surgeon. He had a daughter, Maggie, with Elise, Meredith’s mother. He also considers the latter as his daughter and pushes her forward.