Grey’s Anatomy: Camilla Luddington made a strong complaint against the production


The name Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most important names in the medical drama on television. During 18 seasons he has accumulated a number of awards, nominations and viewers through the screens of the ABC television channel, this has been in part thanks to his tense drama.

It is normal that throughout all these years the twists not only occur on the screens, but also in real life. There have been many actors who decided to leave the series, either due to personal problems or because it was simply dictated by the original script by Shonda Rhimes.

On this occasion, an important member of the Grey’s Anatomy cast revealed that the producers of this ABC drama have been using one of the greatest diverting techniques in soap operas, fake scripts, to keep the tension down throughout the years, even off-screen.

The Grey’s Anatomy stories have not only earned a reputation for how extensive and dramatic they have become after so many years. Also the series has fallen into scandals and others among its actors.

It cannot be denied that all these scandals both on and off the screens have driven this series to fame. That is why the cast constantly does not hesitate to reveal details lived on the set, as happened with the actress Camilla Luddington, who gives life to Jo Wilson.

In one of the interviews, the actress teased a “crazy massive accident” that fans should be aware of. When she was asked about the future of the series, she immediately replied: “The truth is that, and people do not know this, we receive false scripts all the time.”

This is a technique that the Grey’s Anatomy showrunners have taken up again so that there is no possibility of the scenes that are not yet aired on television before the premiere of their episodes will be filtered. Even when an actor is playing a scene in the script, they apparently don’t know if he will actually end up on the show or if it will be filed away as misdirection. “We are worried in every episode!”, Concluded Luddington.