Grey’s Anatomy: Are Meredith and Cormac a couple?

Meredith met Cormac in Grey’s Anatomy. Fans are hoping to see the two characters together. Grey’s Anatomy fans follow the love stories around Meredith closely. So, they all hope to see her happy and to see her in Cormac’s arms. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Will Meredith finally find love again? This is the question that all Grey’s Anatomy fans ask themselves. Indeed, several years ago, she formed the ideal couple with Derek. Meredith even had children with him, but had to say goodbye to him after a terrible car accident.

Cristina’s best friend struggled to recover. Nevertheless, she was able to count on the presence of her friends as well as her children. Meredith is moving forward as best she can and finally seems to have mourned. Yet she’s not yet ready to reopen her heart and her fans have noticed.

Meredith got into a relationship with Riggs, but it didn’t last long. Then, she also dated for several months with DeLuca. Still, the two characters ended up breaking up in Grey’s Anatomy, and Andrew struggles to come to terms with the situation. For her part, Meredith might have found a suitor.

Cristina sent Cormac Haynes to Gray Sloan. The pediatrician met Meredith and the fans quickly hooked up with this duo. Besides, Cristina adores Cormac to the point of nicknamed him “McWidow”. So, could he soon be Meredith’s next lover?


Grey’s Anatomy fans have noticed a certain connection between Meredith and Cormac. The two characters have a few things in common and have mostly been through difficult things. So for the public, the two doctors could very well embark on a love affair.

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“Hayes understands her the best and they have a much better chemistry. Then, He has Cristina’s okay, ”one fan wrote on a Youtube video. If Cristina seems to validate her best friend in a relationship with Comac, then the fans are all the more happy.

“I love them together. I love this character. He’s the only one since Dereck who doesn’t turn away or is in awe. He just loves her, “said another fan. However, after Alex’s departure, Comac could enter the Friendzone and become Meredith’s confidant. Fans wouldn’t mind either, even if they want a happy ending for the doctor.

McWidow could never replace McDreamy in Grey’s Anatomy. Still, this is the first time Meredith and Cristina have come up with a nickname for a Doctor since Derek and Mark’s death. So, one would think Cormac was not sent to Gray Sloan for nothing!



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