Grey’s Anatomy and The Bridgertons in common


The producer of the series Grey’s Anatomy and The Chronicle of the Bridgertons gave them a lot in common. Find out which ones!

In the hit series Grey’s Anatomy and The Bridgertons Chronicle, there are many things in common. Their producer, Shonda Rhimes, always uses the same successful elements.

Did you notice it? The Greys Anatomy series and The Bridgertons Chronicle are similar in many ways. Starting with their producer Shonda Rhimes, one of the most influential of recent years.

Thus, the two programs meet with monstrous success. So, the one who finds herself at the head of the Shondaland company always imagines scenarios in the same way.

Indeed, we find in the two shows the same elements. First, the main character always has the same character traits. She is a strong, powerful and independent woman.

In Grey’s Anatomy, viewers follow the adventures of Meredith Gray, a brilliant surgeon. In The Chronicle of the Bridgertons, Shonda Rhimes changed her own rules somewhat.

For once, the producer stars Daphne Bridgerton in Season 1. So this fragile heroine must depend on a man. In any case, that’s what his mother and older brothers teach him.

To put things right, Shonda Rhimes included another main character: Lady Whistledown. With her news, the narrator leads to whomever she wants.

Grey’s Anatomy and The Bridgertons have things in common


Then all the secondary characters are all as interesting as the main ones. Sometimes, they outright steal the show! And for good reason, she always imagines rich and complex roles.

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In Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina Yang often overshadows Meredith Gray. And in the 1810s Gossip Girl, little Eloise Bridgerton is her sister’s favorite.

Then Shonda Rhimes always builds scenarios around a workplace. In the medical show, the whole story revolves around the hospital.

In the other series that Shonda Rhimes imagined, it is the same observation. The Murder series takes place in court or in a classroom. While the Scandal series, in the offices of Olivia Pope.

That’s not all ! Indeed, the producer places the stories of the heart in her scenarios with the greatest importance. Meredith and Derek in Grey’s Anatomy or Daphne and Simon in The Bridgertons Chronicle, couples are stars.

However, Shonda Rhimes refuses to deliver a plan-plan story to her fans. So, she always takes care to add love triangles to spice up relationships.

And of course, Shonda Rhimes never fails to kill her main characters so as not to annoy her viewers. One way to keep them going until the end of the series! After all, she’s not a soap opera specialist for nothing. Not true ?


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