Grey’s Anatomy: Actress Ellen Pompeo’s Salary Revealed!


Ellen Pompeo has been playing since the early days of the Grey’s Anatomy series. The star is one of the highest paid actresses of the small screen.

Grey’s Anatomy fans are waiting for the sequel to Season 17. Ellen Pompeo stars in the series and holds an immense fortune.

Ellen Pompeo makes a very good living from Grey’s Anatomy. The actress first rose to prominence in 2005 with the medical series and has been playing Meredith for many years. She stars in the Shonda Rhimes series, and her salary has increased a lot over the years.

Fans can’t wait to see the rest of Season 17 next March. Indeed, the new season highlights the Covid-19 and the Gray Sloan has to face many patients. Meredith went out of her way to treat them, but ended up catching the virus.

Thus, the character of Ellen Pompeo is at its worst and her case gets worse. The fans fear that Meredith will end up dying in season 17. However, they will have to wait a few more weeks before seeing the rest of the episodes.

For her part, the actress has spoken several times about wanting to stop Grey’s Anatomy. Nevertheless, thanks to the series, she makes a lot of money and more is known about her fortune.


If Ellen Pompeo is tired of staring in Grey’s Anatomy, she can’t deny the fact that she made a lot of money from the show. Indeed, if Celebrity Net Worth is to be believed, the 51-year-old star is said to have a fortune of $ 80 million.

A big part of his fortune comes from his role in the series. In fact, for several years, the actress has earned around $ 20 million per season. In 2018, she told The Hollywood Reporter to earn $ 575,000 per episode.

Usually the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy contain around 20 episodes. Ellen Pompeo appears in almost every episode because she is the lead actress and her character tells the story. Nevertheless, the star had to fight to earn this salary in the series.

Indeed, before 2015, Ellen Pompeo earned much less than her co-star Patrick Dempsey. Thanks to Shonda Rhimes, the interpreter of Meredith admits to being “the highest paid actress on television”. Nonetheless, she has given a lot of herself as she has produced several episodes over the years.


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