Grey’s Anatomy: actors to appear in the drama!


Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy arrives today in the United States. Characters in the series were almost played by other stars.

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy is finally coming to the United States. Meredith, Derek, and other characters on the show almost got played by other stars.


After months of absence, fans of Grey’s Anatomy will finally get to see Meredith again. Season 17 arrives this Thursday, November 12 on the ABC channel and the public will be entitled to two episodes. In addition, the series promises to stage beautiful things.

The production has chosen to talk about a very topical subject: the Covid -19. So the show is going to feature an epidemic in Seattle and our doctors are going to have a lot to do. Indeed, many patients will arrive at Gray Sloan.

Then, doctors could die in Grey’s Anatomy as well. Ellen Pompeo, who has played Meredith for over 15 years, hinted in Variety that this season may be her last. So fans can already worry …

Moreover, Ellen Pompeo almost never starred in the hit series. Indeed, the production thought to choose Amanda Foreman for this role. However, the actress was not selected for the role and starred in the spin-off Private Practice, says PureBreak.


Ellen Pompeo isn’t the only one who almost missed out on Grey’s Anatomy. Indeed, the character of Derek was in high demand at the time, so Patrick Dempsey almost didn’t get the part. On the list of candidates was Rob Lowe as well as Isaiah Washington.

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Isaiah Washington didn’t get the role of Derek on the show, but the actor was able to play Burke for several years nonetheless. Then, Bailey, played by Chandra Wilson also almost had a completely different face… since Sandra Oh had applied for this role!

The actress starred as Cristina Yang, Meredith’s best friend. In fact, since 2016, fans can see her in the Killing Eve series.

Finally, Kevin McKidd almost missed out on the role of Owen Hunt in Grey’s Anatomy. As the outlet explains, Joshua Jackson got the part first. However, he had to give it up in 2007, because he had one of the main roles in the show Fringe.


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