Grey’s Anatomy: ABC fans showed their great disagreement with the medical drama


Grey’s Anatomy is currently airing its 18th season, but due to the dramatic twists and turns in the drama, one of the surprise departures of a character changed the perspective of ABC viewers. It was through the social platform of Twitter, where users showed their discontent with the medical drama. Spoiler alert!

In the last scenes, the followers of Grey’s Anatomy experienced the departure of the usual character Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood), faced with this decision, Internet users did not hesitate to write their thoughts after the character was forced to leave for three seasons. .

Thanks to the romantic history he was having with Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), viewers had become accustomed to Hayes’ presence, and at the moment the pediatric surgeon is expected to appear in just one more episode of Grey’s Anatomy, after having announced his decision to return to Ireland.

Now that his potential role as the love interest of the head of the hospital has been eliminated, many users are wondering who will be the next candidate to take on this role. On the other hand, another group of viewers suggests that after so many seasons on the air, it is the perfect time for Grey’s Anatomy to come to an end. These were some of the comments:

“So Link and Jo, Cormac is gone and Owen is alive… this show just keeps getting worse. Why does it have a season 19? For the love of God”.

Cormac’s removal after two seasons of falling for Meredith only for her to briefly play off-screen between seasons is really proof that #GreysAnatomy needs a new creative team. What a waste of character.”

With these comments, it is more than evident that Grey’s Anatomy fans are becoming more and more disappointed with the series every day, since, in recent years, many of the usual characters have been withdrawn from the cast, causing their fans to disappoint.

“Cormac Hayes don’t leave Meredith Grey!”

“Meredith! Forget Nick! Chase Cormac. Amelia, you are a witch and Link deserves much better than you! Bring Cormac back, get rid of Amelia.”

Some fans are clearly more concerned about Meredith advancing her career with Gray Sloan Memorial, especially after her recent recovery from Covid. Nonetheless, there are still rumors that the show is coming to an end even though ABC has a 19th season to start later this year.

Other rumors affirm that Grey’s Anatomy could end after its twentieth season, which would become a historical hit on television, after having remained on screen for two decades. It only remains to keep waiting a little longer and find out how this medical drama ends.