Grey’s Anatomy: a new actor in the series about to leave?


Grey’s Anatomy will lose a doctor again! A doctor has indeed accepted a role in another series … We are therefore waiting for his departure!

New start in Grey’s Anatomy! While season 17 of the series has just started in the United States, an actor is going to walk out… He has accepted a new project, and will therefore be leaving Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital!

Indeed, this season, which pays tribute to the efforts of healthcare workers during the covid crisis, could be costly … Doctors fall ill, others experience ordeal …

A tension at its maximum that may give chills to fans. But one of Grey’s Anatomy doctors may be among the victims … without the writers having decided. He has indeed decided to leave the series!

The reason ? Another proposal, another series… And therefore, another recurring role to take on. The reason for his departure is thus likely to give rise to a smile. But one of the doctors might make it to Texas!

The CW has indeed decided on a reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger. Chuck Norris will therefore remain in the legend, but he will be replaced by Jared Padalecki … And one of Grey’s Anatomy doctors will follow in his footsteps!


Alex Landi thus accepted this position. He who has played Doctor Nico Kim since 2018 therefore joined a second major series in his young career. A recurring role in a legendary series: a nice promotion …

But he’s going to have to leave Grey’s Anatomy… and Station 19, too. A question therefore arises: how? Because season 17, against a background of covid, may seem very dark for spectators.

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The writers have yet promised a season not too sad … But we can not imagine a season on the covid without a victim. Doctor Kim could therefore pass for a ready-made victim.

We can still doubt it … Because the writers of Grey’s Anatomy like to thrill their fans. Even if Nico Kim is going to leave, and that everyone knows it, he risks leaving in a surprising way!


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