Grey’s Anatomy: 8 Similar Series For Those Who Watched The 17th Season


Grey’s Anatomy: The 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy ended last Thursday (3) and brought an unexpected moment to the public. Even without the physical presence of the surgeon Cristina Yang (played by Sandra Oh), the character appears talking virtually with Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) about risky procedures in surgeries.

In addition, over the seventeen episodes aired since November on ABC, viewers also saw the return of several other characters on a beach paradise.

That way, if you’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy season 17, get to know another ten must-see medical series with our list!

1. The Resident

At Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, doctors need to spend a few years in their residency learning all about the more specific practices of their profession.

That’s also the case in The Resident, a Fox production focused on Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) and his deeper dramas, which go far beyond his hospital procedures.

2. The Night Shift

With four seasons released so far — all available on Globoplay — The Night Shift tells the story of doctors working the night shift in a hospital, facing all the challenges they could face.

In fact, the protagonist (played by Eoin Macken) has a very tragic story that can refer a lot to the internal plots of the characters in Greynatos Anatomy.

3. Nurse Jackie

For seven seasons, viewers followed the comedy Nurse Jackie, with several interesting stories set in a hospital.

The protagonist (played by Edie Falco) is a strong nurse and capable of doing anything for her patients. Her personal life also comes into play and all episodes can be seen on Paramount+.

4. The Good Doctor

With four seasons aired so far, The Good Doctor is another ABC medical drama based on a Korean drama.

The series tells the story of Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), a resident doctor with many quirks, who tackles his cases with great mastery. The production is available on Globoplay.

5. ER: Medical Duty

The classic urgency and emergency series of the 1990s could not be left out of that list. If you’ve watched every season of Grey’s Anatomy, you need to meet the characters from ER, who unfold in a Chicago hospital to save lives.

Over fifteen seasons, the medical drama reformulated the series of the genre and brought very interesting situations to television.

6. New Amsterdam

Currently airing its 3rd season, the series New Amsterdam also decided to address the fight against the coronavirus in its episodes. However, what differentiates it from other productions is the performance that takes place in a very old public hospital in the United States.

In this setting, viewers meet Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold), who needs to be firm in his new mission when he takes over as medical director of the venue.

7. Under Pressure

The Brazilian series already has three seasons and a special released on open television. Also set in a public hospital, the plot develops from the points of view of two very important doctors, who had their respective pasts marked by major traumas.

While one of them is very skeptical of his convictions, the other clings to his faith to face all the adversity in his path.

8. Scrubs

Most series that address the practice of medicine have exciting plots. However, Scrubs managed to be quite lively throughout its nine seasons. The production addressed the routine of young doctors who learn at every moment how to help their patients in a very good mood.

There are very interesting episodes that show how friendship and companionship between them can strengthen their activities.