Grey’s Anatomy: 2 actors who did not see a scene together but are husbands in real life


ABC’s long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy has 18 full seasons under its belt since it began in 2005, and over the years fans have seen many of their favorite characters come and go. In some television series, the stars who bring the characters to life occasionally have an off-screen bond.

Cases have been seen in which parents and children, siblings or husbands share the filming set of a program. And on the subject, Grey’s Anatomy has not been the exception. Two of the actors in the drama are husbands in real life, but they never shared the screen together in any scene as they both came through the series in different seasons with guest star roles.

This is Hilarie Burton, who played Dr. Lauren Boswell, a surgeon who came to Grey’s Anatomy in season 9 to perform a special operation on a pediatric patient, and also had an occasional relationship with Arizona Robbins. The star, she is the wife in real life of another actor who went through the series, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

In Grey’s Anatomy, Morgan played Denny Duquette, a patient who arrived at Gray Sloan in the 13th episode of the second season of the ABC medical drama, well remembered by fans for becoming the love interest of Dr. Izzie Stevens. (Katherine Heigl).

Morgan and Burton met in 2007, after she played the role of her in the series One Tree Hill, the drama for which the interpreter of Denny Duquette in Grey’s Anatomy, had also auditioned. Burton and Morgan found their way through Morgan’s co-star on The CW series Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, and Burton’s One Tree Hill co-star, Danneel Harris.

The stars currently have two children, and recently shared the screen on The Walking Dead season 10 episode 22, during the special dedicated to Negan and Lucille. Where the actors shared many emotions of sharing a set together again. It seems that the actors get along very well not only in their private lives, but also in front of cameras.