Grey’s Anatomy 17×4: Meredith will receive a visit


In the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the protagonist Meredith (played by Ellen Pompeo) will receive an unexpected new visit. The information was extracted from a new preview released by ABC for the title “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

The video shows the character still hospitalized on account of the covid-19. She is being watched closely by some co-workers. However, in her dreams, Meredith will be surprised by the visit of another character.

It is worth remembering that in the previous episode, the audience saw her reunion with Derek (Patrick Dempsey). In a recent interview, the actor has already confirmed that his character returns for new episodes in the 17th season of Gray’s Anatomy.

Check out the preview released:

For now, there are no details on who returns to the series in Meredith’s dreams. As the plot of the series has already had several significant deaths, there are several possibilities. The character has lost many loved ones over the seasons.

Despite these speculations, it may be that Meredith also finds people who are still alive and are important to her. After all, we cannot forget that we are immersing ourselves in the character and these dreams are, in some way, enabling the necessary forces for her to continue facing the current battle in which she is.

The video also shows how Meredith’s condition may be getting worse, and that is not a good sign. The production has also been praised for the approach chosen to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The public may be surprised again if no details leak out.

The 17×4 episode of Grey’s Anatomy will air on December 3 on ABC.


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