Grey’s Anatomy 17×18: Meredith Returns To Hospital


Grey’s Anatomy: Last Thursday night, the last episode of the 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy was aired. The chapter called “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” was marked by Meredith’s return to the hospital.

Meredith and the new position

The final episode of the season takes place in an impressive nine months, with Meredith back in the hospital corridors. Bailey agrees to leave her in charge and Dr. Gray is committed to doing everything he can to fight the coronavirus and save as many lives as he can.

The nine-month journey begins when she meets Gillie, a social worker who picks up covid-19 at work. After a month of treatment, when she is finally coming home, the patient passes out and goes back to the ICU.

Meredith, as she had already promised, does everything to save her and goes head to head with Bailey to get Gillie a double lung transplant. Bailey finally agrees and the patient gains new lungs. Coming out of surgery, Meredith is applauded by the entire team at a time when she could melt the coldest hearts. To end with a golden key for the surgeon, she just missed the long-awaited kiss with Dr. McIrish. But it wasn’t this time. The two share a coffee in the cafeteria and it didn’t go beyond that.

Love in the air

Teddy and Owen are back! After being infected and going through the quarantine period, the doctor meets with Owen and is proposed in front of the team at Christmas. Another couple who finally switched rings was Maggie and Winston. The two gathered a few friends for the celebration in Meredith’s backyard.

relationship shaken

Jo decides to sell all of her hospital stock to Tom, uses the money to hire a lawyer, and convinces Link to adopt Luna. Her goal was to get custody later. Amelia pretends to be okay with the decision, but confesses in her support group that she doesn’t intend to get married or have children.

Richard comforts her and says it’s okay if she doesn’t work out with Link, but it seems the doctor forgets to talk to her partner about the decision. Shortly after Maggie’s wedding, Link kneels down and asks for Amelia’s hand in marriage. A few seconds pass and the doctor changes his happy expression to one that is completely sad. Later, he goes to Jo’s house and asks for a place to sleep. Looks like things didn’t end well.

It’s worth remembering that season 18 is already confirmed to be released next year.


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