Grey’s Anatomy 17×16: Meredith Gets an Offer (spoilers)


Grey’s Anatomy: The 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy is drawing to a close and has brought a lot of drama to its new episode. With Meredith out of the hospital, her future as a surgeon is at risk due to complications from Covid-19. Meanwhile, Jo tries to adopt a baby and Link decides he’s ready to have kids.

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Meredith is still recovering from Covid-19. She is unable to stand for long and is being helped by Amelia. However, the doctor knows that the colleague is covering her own patients and Koracick’s, as he decided to leave for Boston for Jackson. So Meredith asks Amelia to return to the hospital and tells her she’ll be fine.

Meanwhile, Levi has found that he has been accepted into a clinical trial of a Covid-19 vaccine led by Mason Post, a doctor who is flirting with him without any qualms. However, Nico wants a decision from Levi about their relationship, mainly because Levi has been estranged since he decided not to live with her boyfriend. Levi doesn’t know if he’s ready for an exclusive relationship, while Nico is sure he’s just in love with Levi.

Post invites Levi to his house, but he prefers to go to Nico’s house and reveal his feelings. He was scared because he is really in love and he is not used to having a reciprocal of what he feels. But Nico makes it clear that he loves him too and wants to take care of him.

Jo is still taking care of Luna, the orphaned baby who hasn’t left the hospital. A problem in her heart is the spark for Jo to decide that she wants to adopt her and take care of the girl. The problem is that social worker Carmen denies the request for action because of Jo’s past (as soon as she arrived at the hospital she tells Alex that she already had to steal to survive).

Another character who is ready to have kids is Link, but as Amelia told Owen, she has no desire to have a baby. When Link says he wants to talk to her, the doctor lies, saying she’s stuck at work, but is actually hiding in Mer’s house.

Speaking of which, let’s get back to Meredith’s situation, she’s spent the last few weeks trying to get better so she can get back to work. She fears she can never be a surgeon again and talks to Bailey about it. So Miranda has an amazing idea: Meredith could run the surgical residency program in Richard’s place!

Of course, Meredith couldn’t refuse this offer, so she accepts Bailey’s plan. So, this is a new chapter in the protagonist’s life.

The next episode will be the finale of the 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy. What do you think will happen? Leave your comment about the 17×16 episode of the medical series!