Grey’s Anatomy 17×15: Goodbye From Jackson Is Featured (promo)


Grey’s Anatomy: ABC released an exciting preview of the next episode of the 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy. Titled “Tradition”, the 17×5 episode will show Jackson giving the news of his departure to Miranda Bailey when he appears for his last shift at the hospital.

Jackson also has a conversation with Meredith, who is recovering after his battle against Covid-19.

The trailer also recalled scenes from classic episodes from past seasons, including the emotional episode in which the hospital is rocked by a bomb.

The series is saying goodbye to another regular character in the series, but at least we are having a closure for Jackson.

After 12 years of playing Jackson Avery, Jesse Williams said in a statement, after episode 14 of season 17, that he will be forever grateful for the opportunities that Shonda Rhimes and the entire team provided him. “As an actor, director and person, I have had the obscene luck of learning so much from so many and I thank our beautiful fans, who breathe so much energy and appreciation in our shared worlds.”

Williams also stressed that he was very proud of the work of the entire team and the impact they all had during 300 hours on television.

It has not yet been announced whether the series will be renewed for season 18. Which makes fans more anxious, wanting to know the fate of the story.

Check out the full video of the 17×15 episode of Grey’s Anatomy:

Grey’s Anatomy 17×14: Remember the episode

Jackson’s penultimate episode aired on Thursday (6) and he revealed to April that he no longer wanted to work at the Gray Sloan Memorial as he planned to move to Boston. All of this happened after Jackson’s meeting with his father.

The series sparked a reunion of Jackson and April after she revealed that she and Matthew had broken up.

The episode 17×15 of the series will be aired on May 20, by ABC.


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