Grey’s Anatomy 17×14: One More Character Leaves The Series


Grey’s Anatomy: The 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy left yet another farewell for fans of the series. In fact, this was even predictable, since the doctor in question already had a strategic outlet triggered in recent episodes. Still, saying goodbye to our favorite characters is never easy, and this time was no different.

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More details of episode 17×14 of Gray’s Anatomy

The new episode focused on Jackson Avery and his reunion with April. The two have been fan favorites since they arrived on the show back in Season 6, when Seattle Grace merged with Mercy West. Now, the surgeon is ready to take a big step in his career and has accepted a job on the other side of the country.

However, before leaving, it is clear that he would want to see April. In addition to his ex-wife, he also had an unusual reunion with his father, Robert Avery.

Jackson left Seattle to travel to Robert’s restaurant in Montana. There, his father is preparing meals for people in need and the two discuss Jackson’s frustration with the Fox Foundation. He questions his father about why his mother, Catherine, thinks they look alike.

Robert says he was also frustrated with the foundation, even when it was still called the Avery Foundation. Both believe that there is a lot of bureaucracy for the work of the institution to really help people.

In addition, Jackson also summoned up the courage to ask why his father left them and says he always blamed him for failing to have serious relationships. For Robert, his fatherly presence was not the best option for his son and, therefore, he decided to leave them behind. Still, he says that there is not a single day when he does not regret the decision.

Afterwards, he finally goes to visit April. She is worried because their daughter, Harriet, has a fever and both she and Matthew work hard to take care of her. While the two take care of their daughter, Jackson reveals that he wants to take care of the Fox Foundation in order to help more people. But to do that, he needs to move to Boston.

He wants April to move too so that he can be close to his daughter. April admits that she and Matthew broke up and he moved to Philadelphia. The two will move and, of course, we like to believe that the future holds a lot of romance for two of our favorite characters.

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