Grey’s Anatomy 17×13: Meredith Says Goodbye to Derek


Grey’s Anatomy: In this episode of the 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy, the 13th of the season, Meredith says goodbye to Derek. Meanwhile, patients of the week bring inspirations to hospital doctors.

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When the episode begins, Meredith is still asleep during her recovery from Covid-19. She’s been stable for days, but she doesn’t wake up. Finally, Teddy and Winston realize that Mer has a clot in the liver and an accumulation of ammonia, which is why she is sleeping so much.

Meredith talks to Derek on the beach of dreams

In her imagination, Mer is back on the beach of her dreams, taking long walks with her husband Derek. She wants him closer, but worries about her children. Hesitantly, Mer asks if he has seen her in the past few years. He says yes, and that it is difficult, but no less than seeing her alone.

Later, Meredith tells Derek about how Zola always asks about her parents’ marriage. And then, they appear in formal attire. Meredith asks Derek what she should promise, and he asks her to stop torturing herself.

Back at the hospital, Teddy and Winston complete the operation and remove the clot, but she still doesn’t wake up. Teddy leaves furious, and Owen finds her in an on-call room. In her fractured state, she even tries to kiss Owen, but he just holds her.

Meanwhile, believing in the psychological component of recovery, Winston has the idea of ​​taking Zola to the hospital so that Meredith can hear her voice. Maggie disagrees, thinking that the sight of her unconscious mother would be too much for Zola to bear. However, the girl says that she wants to go.

Patients of the week inspire doctors

In another nucleus, Amelia takes Link’s place when she realizes that her patient has something wrong on the right side of her body. Despite a little initial doubt, Amelia removes Felix’s tumor perfectly.

The other patient of the week is Erika, a woman who was injured skating on an ice rink with her children when she hit a railing and bleed under the abdomen. She says she quit her job as a technology lawyer and started a peanut business, and is much happier with the result.

Bailey works her magic and fixes the bruise, but when Erika wakes up after surgery, she starts looking for job ads as a lawyer again, thinking she was irresponsible for the decision. However, Bailey advises her not to give up.

Inspired by this, the doctor realizes that she does not want to stop any woman from following her dream. So she backs down on her decision to refuse to let Jo change her specialty to obstetrics.

Schmitt, for his part, is inspired by Erika’s case and tells Nico to face his fears and accept to live together. Nico, to his surprise, agrees, and tells Schmitt that he loves him.

Meredith back

At the end of the episode, Zola spends hours boldly sitting by Meredith’s bed and even telling her about her brothers. At the beach, Derek tells Meredith that it’s not time for her to stay there. He says it is not yet time and that his children need it. And with that, she opens her eyes and greets “Zozo”, who hugs her and says he loves her. Mer replies: “We love you. We love you so much.”

And then, alone on the beach, Derek smiles and leaves.

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