Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Unpopular Mark Sloan Reviews


Grey’s Anatomy: Played by Eric Dane, controversial Grey’s Anatomy plastic surgeon Mark Sloan was initially introduced as an obnoxious character. However, as the narrative went on, viewers learned more about him and had very accurate opinions about his personality.

However, some of these opinions are extremely unpopular as they show interpretations of the facts from a new perspective.

Check out the best ones!

10. Mark saved Derek from an unhappy marriage

At the end of Season 1, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) receives the sad news that Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) is a married man. But things weren’t explained very well at first.

Already in Season 2, when Mark is introduced, the audience learns that Mark and Addison (Kate Walsh) slept together, causing Derek to flee New York for Seattle. Deep down, Mark was just saving his best friend from an unhappy marriage.

9. Mark shouldn’t have continued with Addison

After Derek finally makes a love choice and decides to fight for Meredith’s love, Addison and Mark tried to give each other a chance — even though the surgeon was more interested in winning over then intern Alex Karev (Justin Chambers).

Despite his regrets, Mark was a romantic man and believed he could stay with Addison despite all odds. However, they shouldn’t have been deceiving each other.

8. Mark and Callie could work

One of the best-built friendships in Grey’s Anatomy—after Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Meredith Grey, of course—was formed by two lovers who were able to give each other advice when needed.

This beautiful relationship was born Sofia, the daughter of Mark, Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). If it weren’t for Arizona’s arrival, we could certainly see a gorgeous couple on screen.

7. Mark and Jackson could be lovers

When Mark realizes that his favorite resident is Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), he proceeds to carry him under his wing. Jackson matches Mark’s investment by dedicating himself to plastic surgery as a specialty.

Now imagine if the two found out that they were in love with each other. It would be at least a lot of fun to see this dynamic in the series.

6. A true gentleman

Mark Sloan really has a lot of controversial passages under his belt. During his stint on ABC’s medical drama, he became involved with several women, including surgeons, nurses and other professions.

His reputation was not the best, but deep down he could be a true gentleman, considering that, when he was able to express his feelings, he was very correct.

5. One of the best characters

There was room for deep dramas — such as when he discovers the existence of a daughter, who is even pregnant — and also for several comedic moments — involving Jackson, for example.

In that sense, as much as he is hated by many, Mark Sloan is undeniably one of the best characters in the Shonda Rhimes series.

4. Forming one of the best couples

When Mark finds himself in love with Lexie Gray (Chyler Leigh), he needs to tell Derek that he wants to be with his girlfriend’s sister. Although this was a difficult task that initially provoked mixed feelings in his friend, the two cultivated a very interesting relationship that was celebrated by many fans until the last few days.

3. One of the best bosses

When Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) needs to be absent from the head office because of personal problems, Mark is called in as the new chief of surgery. Although many were impressed by his decisions, he was doing his best and trying to learn as different situations arose.

2. With abuse of authority

Even though the surgeon learned valuable lessons about hospital leadership, there were some times when he abused his authority to make decisions that were not the right ones. Risky procedures needed to be done, even if in their understanding they were not necessary.

1. One of the least sad deaths

Along with other important characters, Mark suffered a serious plane crash. The sequels were great and the days he spent waiting for care were decisive.

That way, when season 9 starts, he’s a terminal patient who’s just waiting to die. Perhaps for this reason the spectators were able to prepare and his death was not one of the saddest of the production.


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