Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Pieces Of Advice From Cristina Yang On The Series


For ten seasons, surgeon Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) stood out for her way of dealing with the most diverse situations, her temperament, her dedication to her career and her friendship with Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo).

When her journey on the series came to an end, fans were saddened by her departure, but at the same time happy to know that she would have great success in her profession, with a whole hospital to call her own.

Also thinking about all of her iconic phrases, we created a list of ten unmissable advice from the character, both good and bad, in Grey’s Anatomy. Check out!

10. “Consider shutting up”

During the beginning of Season 5, Cristina was quite upset by the issues surrounding Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith’s relationship. Although she had been a good friend, listening to the outbursts whenever possible, she needed to make it stop—in the best Cristina Yang fashion, of course.

By being honest with her best friend, at least she was able to make her advice work for a while.

9. “If you’re on your own, keep it up”

Cristina always uttered great phrases throughout various surgical procedures, talking whenever possible with her professional colleagues. The advice in question was conveyed to Lexie (Chyler Leigh), evidencing her own lonely experience to achieve her goals. Despite this, at the time, the character was learning to trust her friends more and even rely on Meredith for some issues.

8. “Stop accepting garbage and demand something better”

Cristina is emphatic in saying this phrase to George (T.R. Knight) when he is feeling wronged and left out in the hospital. It’s true that even when she was just an intern, Cristina always looked for the best opportunities for herself, not lowering her head to anyone.

7. “Be better than anyone here and don’t give a damn what others think”

In yet another encounter between Lexie and Cristina, the two star in truly interesting scenes. In Season 4, when Lexie arrives in Seattle, the character is still trying to get closer to her sister, Meredith. At first, Lexie found herself rejected and was losing confidence in herself. Cristina quickly encouraged her indirectly, as the responsible and emphatic resident that she was.

6. “Shut up and dance”

Definitely, no matter what problems Cristina and Meredith were facing, they were always together and ready to solve them. That phrase, however, was said during season 4, when Meredith was still struggling with Derek. In a more empathetic way, Cristina took the opportunity to advise her friend to relax and dance like there was no tomorrow.

5. “Punch him and get the girl back”

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Cristina were never really great friends, but their relationship was always very interesting, considering Karev’s closed manner and Cristina’s frankness.

When Jo (Camilla Luddington) decides to hook up with another man, Karev is upset about losing the woman he was interested in. It is from this point that Dr. Yang emerges to say what she thinks of the situation, even if it was something extreme.

4. “Don’t let his wants be above what you need”

During season 10, Derek receives an important proposal from the White House. However, Meredith was uneasy about these issues, especially since, after they were married and had two children, Derek had promised her that he would take care of their domestic life so that Meredith could resume her medical career. Cristina’s advice was essential for her friend to take action and develop a frank dialogue with her husband about how she felt.

3. “What is the meaning of anything whatsoever?”

One of the last cases that the surgeon faces at the hospital, during the 10th season, is linked to three brothers who suffer from the same problem and need to undergo several surgeries. This reflection came when she herself was close to giving up everything, especially when her internal issues were shaken.

2. “If you want to be a shark, be a shark”

One of Cristina’s most famous phrases throughout the series happens right in the first episode. When Meredith is still apprehensive about discovering Derek being her boss, Dr. Yang comes up with this slap in the face to try to calm her new friend’s tempers, advising her to fight for what she believes and not give up. Go from career on account of a man.

1. “It’s possible that the unknown is really brilliant”

Cristina’s farewell left fans of the series thrilled, as well as some of the doctors at the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Moving to Switzerland, the character faced her own fears and began a new journey. This advice was given to herself and also to the viewers and is about how new life can be really amazing.