Greenspan: BTC’s Failed Halving Should Be Worried About Bitcoin Investors


Halving, realized by Bitcoin Cash, the fifth largest cryptocurrency by total market value, was a big disappointment. After the Bitcoin Cash block prize split, it was observed that many miners switched to other networks and especially to the Bitcoin network.

Will Bitcoin Halving be different from BCH?
This brought about a serious decrease in both the hash rate and the price. However, this drop experienced by Bitcoin Cash worried Bitcoin investors, who will experience block prize halves on May 12, rather than BCH investors.

Although this concern before Bitcoin’s block prize halfway every four years seems normal, well-known analyst Mati Greenspan underlined that there is no room for concern.

Greenspan said in a statement on the subject that the BTC and BCH block prize halves are very different. Stating that BTC represents the digital supply constraint and BCH represents free money derived from Bitcoin, Greenspan also received serious interaction and appreciation.


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