GreenConcept, The New Ecological Tire From Continental


GreenConcept: Tires are the most important part of a car if a manufacturer wants it to move. At the end of the day, it is the part that is glued to the ground and the one that controls the entire direction of the vehicle. For many years they have been manufactured with resistant but flexible materials such as rubber or plastics that are harmful to the environment both in their manufacture and in their decomposition. But manufacturers are increasingly aware that a greener world is needed, and that’s what the GreenConcept from Continental is here.

This is the ecological tire from Continental

It is a fact that all companies in the world are looking for ways to make the construction of their products more environmentally responsible. For this, the manufacturing process not only requires changes in the assembly line, but also in the materials that are part of the original product. It seems that there are no natural materials to replace others, but with a little research you can achieve things like what Continental has achieved.

The company has taken a step forward introducing what they have called GreenConcept. By the name you can already imagine that it is a responsible tire with the environment. The firm says that in its manufacturing chain it is already making less use of crude oil and more use of recycled rubber and natural oils. This is not to mention the polyester obtained from recycled plastic bottles.

But now everything changes with a new formula that the firm is working on: the compound, revealed by Continental itself, is based on 35% natural materials. These are: natural rubber from dandelion, silicate from rice husk ash, vegetable oils and resins. The result is a tire that weighs about 3 kilos less than conventional ones (which are around 7.5KG).

Just an idea for now

Now that we know what Continental’s GreenConcept looks like, which could already be called an ecological tire, we just have to wait to see it in action. This is an interesting idea that could turn the entire automotive world upside down, as long as you meet the requirements to keep it on the tarmac for at least as long as rubber wheels.


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