Green light from Nissan CEO to Apple Car partnership


US technology giant Apple will implement the new Apple Car project in the coming years. New information continues to come about the Apple Car, which the Apple company has been working on for a long time, but we do not know much about the official announcement. According to the first information, Apple Car will appear as an electric and driverless car.

Technology giant Apple, who cares about the Apple Car project, continues to negotiate with many automakers to make its project perfect. The company, which had various meetings with automobile manufacturers such as Hyundai and Kia, was withdrawn from the negotiations due to the violation of project confidentiality.

Nissan CEO gives the green light to partnership

According to reports, Nissan could be the automaker that will implement the Apple Car project Apple has been working on for a long time. Answering a question about a potential partnership with Apple at a press conference Tuesday, Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida said that the Nissan company should make new ventures by working with companies that have knowledgeable and good experience through partnership and collaboration. gave a green light.

On top of all these developments, analyst Mio Kato stated that Nissan is the strongest automaker to partner with the Apple company, as it has significantly increased its activities in the US recently. Having a good command of electric cars, Nissan managed to reach serious sales figures with the Nissan Leaf electric car it launched. The Nissan Leaf, which received the title of the best-selling electric car in 2018, is shown as one of the biggest reasons Apple wants to partner with Nissan.

Although Nissan is currently at the head of the car companies that will partner with the Apple company, Apple is allegedly engaged in various meetings with at least six car manufacturers. Apple attaches great importance to the Apple Car project and will implement the Apple Car project in 2024 if everything goes well.


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