Green light to Covid-19 drug from South Korea


The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of South Korea has allowed the import of the remdesivir drug, which has been spoken for some time in combating the corona virus.

South Korea, which slowed its effect and spread by intervening early in the Corona virus, made a flash decision about the drug of Covid-19.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has announced that it has allowed the import of the drug called remdesivir, which has been on the agenda of the international public for a while. Gilead Sciences Inc. for the treatment of Covid-19 The company, which allows the acquisition of the company developed by the company named, announced that it will work together with other ministries in cooperation with the Korean Epidemic Disease Control and Prevention Centers.

A meeting was held in South Korea last week about remdesivir, which is an important drug in the fight against Corona virus. In this meeting, it was stated that remdesivir drug had positive results in combating the epidemic.


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