Green Lantern’s Nemesis Called Hal Jordan’s Glaring Weakness


Despite all of Green Lantern’s flaws, his nemesis Sinestro knows that one particular weakness of Hal Jordan makes him a lesser hero. For someone who wears a ring capable of generating literally anything, Hal may not have the imagination necessary to unlock his potential.

The greatest privilege of a member of the Green Lantern Corps is the possession of a Power Ring. Those with great willpower can use their rings to tap into the green light of the emotional spectrum and build anything they can imagine. It is not surprising that there are many creative personalities in the ranks of the Corps, such as Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. But creativity has never been as necessary for membership in the Green Lantern Corps as the ability to overcome fear. And when it comes to defeating fear, Hal Jordan has proven that he is one of the best at it.

However, it seems that Hal is really struggling with the creative side of his ring binding. In fact, it’s so obvious that his former mentor and nemesis called him to it when they were allies. In Green Lantern #34 by Jeff Jones and Ivan Reis, Jordan and Sinestro pursue the killer of Green Lantern’s predecessor, Abin Sur. The future leader of the Red Lantern Corps, Atrocitus, is rampaging on Earth and is trying to kill William Hand and use his power as a “door to Black”. But the Green Lanterns give Hand a chance to escape by directly fighting Atrokitus. Despite the fact that he has fully charged rings, Sinestro notices that Hal does not put much effort into his designs, which is why he chews the newcomer in the middle of the fight and insists that Jordan demonstrate what he is capable of.

This incident happened quite early in Hal’s career, and over time he learns to wield his Green Lantern Power Ring. And while a good imagination is not necessary to control the ring, Sinestro’s criticism of Jordan raises an important question. For a ring that can conjure up anything a Lantern can come up with, Hal seems content to rely on a few standards when his weapon is capable of so much more. To Hal Jordan’s credit, he has achieved a lot with his usual designs. A giant fist, a baseball glove, or even copies of himself made him a rather attractive hero. But imagination is literally the only limit of the Green Lantern Ring. Take, for example, Jordan’s orderly John Stewart. He was an architect and knows how to visualize things down to the smallest detail. It’s the same with Kyle Rayner, whose experience as an artist helped him see things with his mind’s eye, which allowed him to create grandiose creative designs.

Hal has great willpower, and she treated him well, but such an experienced ring thrower could have done much more if he had paid a little more attention to his designs. As much as Hal doesn’t want to hear it, Sinestro may have an opinion about Green Lantern’s creative weaknesses.