Green Lantern is a villain of his own shocking new origin


Warning! Spoilers for Superman: Space Age #1 from DC Comics

In the new origin, Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern becomes a villain of his own heroic creation, as he is responsible for the destruction of Abin Sur’s ship, believing that he is the enemy of war. In DC Comics’ Superman: Space Age #1, a growing conflict during the war forces Jordan to shoot down a ship that he believes is being piloted by a bad actor. As a result, he accidentally kills Abin Sur, which makes his origin even more tragic than ever.

Hal Jordan has one of the most classic origins on the pages of DC comics, as an Air Force pilot received his power ring after meeting Green Lantern Abin Suhr. After discovering a spaceship that crashed on Earth, Jordan found an alien being who, before his death, gave the pilot his Power Ring, believing that he was the perfect person in the universe to be replaced by a Green Lantern. However, this origin story has just received a somewhat villainous remix in a new story in which Jordan is responsible for shooting down Sur’s ship.

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In Superman: Space Age # 1, Mark Russell, Mike Allred, Laura Allred and Dave Sharp tell about the rise of the heroes of the 60s, when Superman learns more about his history and Krypton, when conflicts arise between some of the most powerful nations. on the ground. After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the US Air Force sees an unidentified object flying over the Arctic. Not realizing that it was Superman looking for the Fortress of Solitude, he was shot down. Years later, Hal Jordan and the U.S. Air Force learn of the destruction of Coast City, believing that the Soviets are responsible for Lex Luthor stoking the fires of war. After investigating, Jordan shoots down a spaceship that he believes is an enemy. However, when he checks the downed ship, Hal finds out that he accidentally shot down the Green Lantern Abin Sur.

Hal Jordan is horrified to findĀ Abin Sura, as the alien tells him that he was sent to Earth to protect humanity from himself. Sur gives Hal his Green Lantern Ring when he dies, turning him into a hero. This is quite an interesting rewriting of the origin, since Jordan is the “villain” responsible for Sur’s death, believing that he helped protect his home by shooting down an unidentified ship during the escalation of conflicts in the world.

If he could do it again, knowing that Abin Sur was leading the spaceship he shot down, Hal Jordan wouldn’t shoot first and then ask questions. However, because of his actions, Abin Sur died and gave his Power Ring to Jordan, making him a hero despite being a villain in his origin story. The non-canonical story creates a new tragic beginning for the Green Lantern and adds depth to his encounter with an alien.


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