Greedfall: PS Plus Version Will Not Have Free Upgrade To PS5


Greedfall: The PS5 version of Greedfall arrives this week, but not everyone who owns the game on PS4 will be able to upgrade for free. Those who picked up the title on PS Plus earlier this year, for example, will not be entitled to this free update and will have to pay full price if they want to enjoy the game with the improvements on the next-gen console.

This is the same situation that happened with Final Fantasy VII Remake and the PS5 Intergrade version, as the game had also been distributed to PS Plus subscribers. While it’s something that makes sense when you consider that players don’t actually own these games, you can understand how this can upset some people.

The most interesting thing is that the Xbox Game Pass version of the game will receive such an upgrade on Xbox Series X/S and subscribers will be able to enjoy the game with all the enhancements at no additional cost. Just have an active account on the service and you will be able to play an improved Greedfall without any problems.

And you, do you think Sony should be able to guarantee these upgrades for those who have a PS Plus subscription? Comment below if you would like to see this change for the next games that are updated for the next generation!


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