A great way to get rid of unwanted messages on your iPhone


We guess that no one is happy to encounter spam messages. For this reason, we will talk about a useful filter feature that is valid on iPhones but is not known to all iPhone owners.

During the day, dozens of unnecessary messages come to our phones. Resources that are not even certain, sometimes companies, and sometimes what is not, fill our inbox with unnecessary messages. Although the authorities have recently addressed this issue and have set some codes as the identity code for the messages sent, the measures taken are unfortunately insufficient and the sources continue to harass users with fake messages.

Sometimes there are some links in the messages sent and if you access these links, your personal data can be stolen. Consumers who want to protect themselves from such situations can try different methods to prevent messages. Now we will talk about a feature on iPhones that will help you get rid of unnecessary messages.

There are many features on both iOS and Android platforms. However, while some of these features are known to almost all users, some features are only known to a very limited audience. The feature we will talk about now is not known to every user, but it is of great importance for personal security.

What to do to avoid spam messages and notifications sent to iPhones

  • If you want to use this feature, which is only valid for iPhones, first
    Go to the “Settings” section of your phone.
  • As you scroll down through the settings menu, you will see a menu called “Messages”. Enter this menu.
  • You will see that there is a section called “Filter Unknown” in the Messages menu. This is the section that is critical to get rid of unwanted messages.
  • You will see that the Filter in question section is closed, as in the image above. After touching the section on the right side of the phrase, you will see that the button in question turns green. In this way, you will be free from both messages from your contacts and notifications of these messages.

When you enter the Messages application, you will see that there are two different menus named “Contacts and SMS” and “Unknown Senders”. The Contacts and SMS menu will show you the messages you received from the contacts registered in your directory, as can be understood. The Unknown Senders section will contain those spam messages.

If you follow these procedures, your phone will filter the messages from unfamiliar numbers and you will not have to receive dozens of unnecessary message notifications during the day. However, this feature covers all numbers that are not stored in your directory. Therefore, checking this section once a day will allow you to notice an important message that is not registered in your guide, but before it is too late.


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