Great cover of “Boy With Luv”, RM’s cousin


Surprising! Seo Ji Yeon, BTS’s RM cousin, took social media by storm by showing off a video on Instagram.

RM of the K-Pop group BTS, has shown his great talent in music and dance, even his cousin Seo Ji Yeon left users paralyzed by showing off one of his dance skills, as he shared a cover of his “Boy With Luv” very much in his style.

And the thing is, the idols have left the ARMY very impatient for the next release of their long-awaited album called “BE”, because in a few days it will be the launch, so their fans and their families are very anxious for the premiere .

Reason why singer RM’s cousin decided to share an amazing video accompanied by some friends, as she has been very proud of the achievements of the rapper, who since he joined the South Korean boy band, has captivated the hearts of the girls.

BTS’s RM cousin shows off one of her talents

We remember that Seo Ji Yeon, the cousin of the 26-year-old rapper, is known on social networks for being a professional mixed martial arts fighter, as she has managed to have a career in sports, although at the time she did not want to reveal that was a relative of the artist.

The young woman preferred to respect her family member for being famous, but when it was revealed that they were both family, they shared emotional moments, even showing off autographed albums by the K-Pop band, but this time the cover she made of “Boy With Luv “, wowed users.

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