Great collaboration between Binance and Brave


The cryptocurrency exchange Binance and the internet browser Brave with over 10 million active users have been integrated. Thus, Brave users can easily make transactions on Binance via the browser without going to the website.

The web browser Brave, which gradually increases its user base and surpasses the number of 10 million monthly active users, is expanding its cryptocurrency features in cooperation with the giant stock market Binance. Accordingly, Brave Browser users will now be able to perform transactions such as buying / selling and sending crypto money via the browser.

Launched in 2016, Brave Browser also has a cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Token (BAT). Websites in cooperation with Brave earn BAT based on the time the user spends on these sites. Users can also earn BAT if they see the ads in Brave or the notifications are activated.

In the next version, Brave will support many other units, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies alongside BAT. When you open a new tab in Brave, another Binance-branded widget appears under the Brave Awards widget. This place provides direct links to and Binance.US.

Brave does not upload data from Binance’s server unless you interact with the widget. This is not only an embedded link, but also a widget that takes advantage of the Binance API.

When users link their browsers with Binance, Brave will receive data from Binance so they can easily check their address and assets.

The new widget can be tested on Brave’s Nightly desktop version. The widget, which will be available in all versions, will be available in April.

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Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, said, “The Binance widget in Brave’s privacy-focused browser offers a safer way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. We look forward to our long-term partnership with Brave to further facilitate interaction with crypto and benefit more in the near future. ” said.

“Crypto trading can be daunting for users who are not familiar with such assets,” said Brave co-founder and CEO, Brendan Eich. So integrating Binance with Brave makes the process smooth and simple. By integrating a leading stock exchange like Binance directly into the browser, Brave makes it easy for users to do their job. ” made the explanation.


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