Grayscale Named 19 Thousand Bitcoins in Two and a Half Weeks


Serving institutional investors, Grayscale has received thousands of new Bitcoins in the past few weeks.

Kevin Rooke shared a post from his Twitter account in the morning today. In this post, he pointed out how much bitcoin Grayscale received after halving.

With the halving a few weeks ago, the block reward on the Bitcoin network has been reduced to 6.25 BTC. Many analysts think that the price of Bitcoin will rise in the long run as a result. It seems that some institutional investors also agree with this view.

Thousands of Bitcoins
In an article we shared in the past weeks, we talked about how much Bitcoin Grayscale started to buy. According to one study, almost a third of the newly excavated Bitcoins went to Grayscale. According to the information shared by Rooke, Grayscale continues these operations after halving.

Grayscale is thought to have received more than 18,900 Bitcoins in total since May 11 (halving day). We know that about 12,400 Bitcoins have been produced since halving since the daily production amount of Bitcoin is almost constant. This shows that Grayscale received 1.5 times more BTC than the total amount of BTC produced since halving.

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