Grayscale Ethereum Trust Now Has SEC Enrollment


Grayscale Investments announced that its newly opened Grayscale Ethereum Trust is now SEC registered. Ethereum Trust, like Bitcoin Trust, will be subject to the 1934 securities law.

Grayscale, which has almost 6 billion dollars of crypto money under its management, is considered one of the most important names in the sector with this feature. The company shared an information that will please the Ethereum followers with its press release today and announced that the Ethereum Trust is now SEC registered.

It will provide convenience for institutional investors

Operated by Grayscale, Ethereum Trust is accessible only to accredited investors. This sets it apart sharply from an exchange traded fund (ETF). Investors who buy shares from Ethereum Trust will actually buy Ethereum, if not physically.

The general status of Grayscale Ethereum Trust can now be tracked on the SEC database. Grayscale will upload the quarterly and annual reports and financial statements for the Ethereum Trust to the SEC database, which will be under the direct control of the regulator. Some of these reports will also be accessible to the public.

The Bitcoin Trust, established by Grayscale for Bitcoin, became an SEC-registered trust in January 2020, and since then it is clear how much money has been deposited and how the amount of Bitcoin in the trust has changed.


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