Gray’s Anatomy: the top 10 rivalries in the medical series


Throughout its 17 seasons, there is no doubt that Gray’s Anatomy has brought some of the most interesting plots in the universe of the series. Plane crashes, bombs about to explode inside a body, patients crossed by a metal bar and even the most current issues, such as the covid-19 pandemic, were just some of the examples of plots that touched us in the episodes.

However, it is not only the medical situations that have won fans of the series. Now, in the 17th season of Gray’s Anatomy, many friendships and, mainly, rivalries that became friendships were approached and consolidated as some of the best moments of the series.

Let’s find out what is the top ten? See Gray’s Anatomy’s biggest rivalries!

10. Bailey and Heron

Miranda Bailey is a brilliant doctor. Her work has always been impressive and she never thought of being chief resident until Sydney mentioned that she should do this for the job. Then, the two embarked on a rivalry to see who would get the job, but culminating in the promotion of Callie. But, of course, it was only a matter of time before Bailey was named “chief resident”.

9. Meredith and Karev

The rivalry between Meredith and Alex Karev appeared in the first episode of the series, when Karev misses the diagnosis of a patient and Meredith gets it right, leaving the character embarrassed in front of Richard. Since then, the two have always competed for the same spots, but their friendship has never ceased to be a relevant factor.

8. Shepherd and Burke

Derek and Preston were also two of Gray’s Anatomy’s biggest rivals. Richard hinted that the two would be heads of the surgery department, making them fight for the job. The rivalry had many ups and downs and was finally ended when the two had to deal with the emergence of a bomb inside a patient.

7. All attendants

In addition, there is no denying that all of Seattle Grace’s attending physicians have had many fights with each other. In fact, this was something that the cast of Gray’s Anatomy always knew how to portray very well! From the love triangle of Addison, Derek and Mark to the fight over the head of the hospital, these were some of the best moments of the series to date.

6. Shepherd, Sloan and Hunt

As soon as Owen arrived at the hospital, his aggressive methods were very poorly received by Derek and Mark. In fact, it took a long time for them to understand that the unusual ways of dealing with patients were just a reflection of all the difficulties faced by Owen in Vietnam. Fortunately, they soon learned to work together!

5. Yang and Hahn

Cristina’s search for a mentor as good as Burke also yielded exciting moments. Erica’s arrival at the hospital looked promising, but soon Cristina’s invasive personality made the cardiothoracic surgeon unwilling to teach her. This was a rivalry that was never resolved.

4. Avery and Sloan

Both in love with Lexie, Avery and Sloan were great examples of friends who became enemies and vice versa. Jackson has always viewed Mark as his mentor in plastic surgery. However, the fact that the two fell in love with the same woman was a great difficulty.

3. Meredith and Cristina

It is difficult to think of Meredith and Cristina as rivals because they have always been each other’s “person”. However, his moments of struggle appeared from time to time. Right in the first episode of Gray’s Anatomy, the two solve a case together, and Derek calls Meredith to attend the surgery, making them fight before they even become friends.

2. Kepner and the other attendants

When Meredith is suspended, April must temporarily take over as head of the hospital. As always, she wants to do the best job she can. The problem is that the attendants decided to choose Meredith’s side and refused to do her job, causing problems for Kepner.

1. Mercy West and Seattle Grace

Finally, one of the best rivalries in the series until season 17, is the fight between employees before Seattle Gray and Mercy West were unified. Now, we know that some of the best characters came from Mercy West. However, at the time, you can’t deny that the crowd always went to Seattle Grace, right?

So, which of these medical series rivalries do you believe was the most iconic? Leave your comment and share this list on social networks!


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