Gray’s Anatomy season 17: Ellen Pompeo return photo


The 17th season of Gray’s Anatomy has finally started recording, giving fans hope to see today’s biggest medical series back on screen at some point in the future. To celebrate, Ellen Pompeo, star of the series, posted a photo on her Instagram.

Next to him is Richard Flood, also part of the cast of Gray’s Anatomy. Recently, the actor was promoted to regular in the series, indicating that he will have a more important role going forward.

Will we see Cormac Heys and Meredith Gray’s relationship grow in season 17?

More details from Ellen Pompeo’s post

In the photo caption, Pompeo said to dedicate the 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy to all health professionals who died during that period due to covid-19. As the actress wrote, there were more than 7,000 deaths.

Like many other productions, Gray’s Anatomy abruptly ended its 16th season due to the pandemic. Until then, we had seen Meredith surrounded by suitors, leading the public to question who she would choose.

Krista Vernoff, showrunner of the series, revealed to be in doubt about who would accompany the doctor going forward. With the image posted, joining Meredith and Cormac, fans are stipulating that the newest doctor can be chosen.


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