Gray’s Anatomy season 16: What will happen in episode 8 broadcast tonight?


Season 16 of Gray’s Anatomy featured a big twist on Meredith. Tonight, the doctor could lose her license and no longer care for patients! Attention, the article contains spoilers!

Bailey fired Meredith, Alex and Richard as they treated a patient who did not have insurance in Gray’s Anatomy. In addition, Zola’s mother defrauded some papers and she almost went to jail. Since then, she has been doing community service, but she has a hard time leaving aside medicine. Thus, she cares for some people in need and she denounces the medical system.

Since the beginning of Gray’s Anatomy Season 16, Meredith is no longer in Gray Sloan. She is no longer welcome and Bailey is angry with him. Tonight, fans will be able to see episode 8 which is called “My Shot”. In this episode, Meredith will have to face medical advice and she may well lose her license. His lawyer will tell him not to make gaffes and not to talk during the trial.

Nevertheless, Meredith will be able to count on the help of his friends in this episode. Indeed, DeLuca will come to testify in Gray’s Anatomy. We doubt that he will take his defense. Then, Richard and Alex will also be present. However, Bailey will also have to talk about the case of the doctor. So, will she try to make him lose his right to practice? The future of Meredith is playing tonight!

For their part, Gray Sloan’s interns will have to take care of the patients during the doctors’ absence. So, they will all have to prove what they are capable of in Gray’s Anatomy. We suspect that there will be some problems during this episode. So, will Schmitt and Nico be up to it tonight? Nothing is less sure !


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