Gray’s Anatomy: Katherine did not appear record her debut


Since Katherine Heigl left the cast of Gray’s Anatomy, many fans have questioned why Izzie Stevens’s performer didn’t have a proper farewell. Now showrunner Krista Vernoff has revealed the real reason for this.

According to the producer, the actress simply did not appear to record the final episode of the character. Thus, the information once again highlights Heigl’s controversial departure from medical attraction.

“We planned her return for an episode that would complete the story of Izzie and Alex [Justin Chambers],” Vernoff told the Los Angeles Times. “The day before the recording, we got a call saying that Katie would not be coming. It just wasn’t coming. ”

The showrunner, who acted as the screenwriter for the episode in question, says she does not know what prompted the actress to make the decision. Not even what was happening in the personal life of Izzie’s interpreter at that time.

“All I know is that the night before the start of the recording of the episode entirely centered on the conclusion of the character’s story arc, I received a call informing that the actress would not come to the set”.

Katherine Heigl’s version

After Krista Vernoff’s recent statements, sources linked to Katherine Heigl contacted the US portal Entertainment Weekly. According to them, the story revealed by the producer is not true.

“Katie was back in Los Angeles after maternity leave (when she adopted her daughter),” said the source. “So, she was waiting to be called to the recording set.”

Which side do you believe you are telling the truth in all this bullshit?

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