Gray’s Anatomy: 7 times Meredith Gray almost died


Gray’s Anatomy: For a protagonist, Meredith Gray has certainly flirted with death several times in Gray’s Anatomy. In fact, anyone who is a fan of the series knows very well that the producers are not afraid to put our favorite characters in situations of life and death.

So, as much as Meredith is the main character, it’s hard not to hold your breath every time she gets – again – close to joining Derek, Lexie, Mark, George and so many others.

Do you remember the times when she almost passed away? Here we separate the most exciting and dangerous moments for the doctor’s life.

See 7 times that Meredith almost died in Gray’s Anatomy:

7. Bomb explosion

Meredith came out unscathed from Season 1 (I mean, if we don’t count the fact that she finds out that Derek was married). The same cannot be said of season 2, when, in episodes 16 and 17, she participated in the case of a patient who had a bomb about to explode inside his chest.

Only Burke, Meredith, the anesthesiologist and Hannah, the paramedic who held the pump inside the patient, stayed in the operating room. When Hannah panics and takes her hand, Meredith quickly takes her place, putting her life on the line to save the patient. Fortunately, for her, the bomb squad manages to remove the explosive, saving the doctors, but exploding just a few steps from the operating room.

6. Drowning

In episode 15 of Season 3 of Gray’s Anatomy, Meredith almost drowned. She was at the scene of a ship crash screening patients when one of them accidentally pushed her into the water. The only witness was a lost little girl who managed to point at Derek where Meredith had fallen.

In the next episode, Seattle Grace’s doctors do everything to save Meredith’s life, while she has hallucinations involving Denny Duquette, the head of the bomb squad, and her own mother.

5. Shooting

The episodes entitled “Sactuary”, 23 and 24 of the 6th season, are undoubtedly some of the saddest in the entire medical series. To avenge his wife’s death, a man goes to Seattle Grace hospital with a gun, planning to kill Lexie, Richard and Derek. On the way to them, he shoots several other hospital employees, until he finds Derek and shoots him.

While Cristina operates Derek to save her life, Meredith undergoes a miscarriage and even offers her life in exchange for Derek’s. The sniper considers it and she almost loses her life again, but Owen is shot instead.

4. Plane crash

Following the list of the saddest episodes of Gray’s Anatomy, we also have the plane crash that took Mark and Lexie’s life, in addition to causing the complications that caused Arizona to lose its leg.

Although Meredith suffered only minor injuries, the accident was one of the most serious of all seasons in the series and could easily have taken the character’s life.

3. Childbirth

In the season finale of season 9, Meredith almost bleeds to death during the delivery of her baby with Derek. Since the drama is never enough on the show, the hospital’s energy is gone and Bailey needs to stop the bleeding in the dark!

Fortunately, everything works out in the end and Meredith and Derek decide to name the child Bailey in honor of the mentor who conducted the delivery.

2. Beatings

In episode 9 of season 12, Meredith is still trying to deal with Derek’s death when a patient attacks her. He did not want to do this, but he was in an aggressive state after a seizure, and ended up seriously injuring the doctor.

Although she survived, Meredith lost her hearing and suffered other serious injuries, needing a long recovery time before returning to practice medicine.

1. Covid-19 pandemic

In Season 17 of Gray’s Anatomy, doctors at Gray Sloan Hospital are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. With the beds all occupied and in the midst of all the doctors’ problems, Meredith is ill and goes through most of the episodes unconscious.

Her state of health causes her to hallucinate and dream of a beach, on which she found many of the people she lost. Derek, George, Mark and Lexie are some of the characters who returned in the season to try to help Meredith to cure the disease, even if in a dream.

So, which of those times when Meredith almost died was the most exciting for you? Leave your comment below and share the article on social networks!


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