Gray’s Anatomy 17×3: Meredith’s health gets worse


The 17th season of Gray’s Anatomy is a journey too close to our reality. In the first two episodes, doctors at Gray-Sloan Memorian Hospital are dealing with an increase in the number of admissions due to covid-19.

As if that weren’t enough, Meredith’s health is getting worse and worse as she continues to hallucinate with her late husband Derek Sheperd.

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Since the beginning of the series, Meredith has always been on the edge between life and death. This time, it’s no different. After contracting the coronavirus, her health deteriorates a lot and she is admitted to the hospital where she spent most of her life.

In her dreams, she finds Derek on a beach and is convinced that she can have an afterlife beside the man she has always loved.

The problem is that there are still many people alive who need it, so Meredith must decide between this metaphysical future or fight for her life, her daughters and all her co-workers.

In addition to Meredith, Tom is now also infected with the coronavirus and DeLuca and Maggie are increasingly overwhelmed in the hospital. According to Maggie, 53 people have died at his hands since the pandemic happened. She also realizes that the majority were black women.

In a conversation with Hayes, Dr. Gray says she is afraid of not waking up if she falls asleep. In addition, she is also a terrible patient, since she refuses to rest and continues to want to know everything that happens in her hospital.

One of the great strengths of this new season of Gray’s Anatomy is the veracity of the virus. In other words, they don’t try to hide how dangerous the disease really is: in a minute, Meredith wants to leave the hospital and spend her quarantined days in a hotel. In the other, her exams show very serious problems with her lungs and she has trouble breathing.

Now, she needs to choose someone to be her support network during this difficult time. The reminder that Alex used to be his emergency contact (therefore, his person) is painful and refers to yet another loss in the series.

However, she wants to continue living and chooses Richard to support her during hospitalization. For his part, Webber promises to do everything in his power to help her.

Meredith keeps trying to reach Derek in her dreams, but the sand moves to keep her from touching her husband. The metaphor is clear: as soon as she can touch him, it means that Dr. Gray has passed away. So, Derek keeps trying to encourage her to continue, remembering her children and her concerns. However, it is difficult to know how long this can last.

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