Gray’s Anatomy 17×12: Cormac injured in protest


Gray’s Anatomy 17×12: The 17th season of Gray’s Anatomy continues to bring its vision of the events of 2020 and, this time, racism and negativity from the pandemic are the central themes. While Meredith is unconscious again, Bailey must treat a patient who does not believe in the coronavirus and Richard and Cormac get involved in the protests after George Floyd’s death.

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Like other current series, the medical series also did not let George Floyd’s death go unnoticed. In this episode, racism and social justice are recurring themes and prove, once again, that creators do a great job in drawing parallels with reality.

The new episode begins at the end of Station 19, with doctors discovering that a black man was killed by a policeman who knelt on his neck. Richard talks to the Gray Sloan team, saying that they can use the time they need to rest or protest about what happened. Both he and Cormac join the protests and Cormac is attacked by a protester who is contrary to his ideals.

Even though he needed stitches, Cormac is determined to continue the protests the next day.

Back at the hospital, protesters who have been injured begin to arrive and join the Covid-19 patients. One such patient is Chad, a man who passed out while running. His covid test comes back positive, but he refuses to believe that the virus is real. Bailey tries to convince him that this is a serious illness, but he remains a denialist and insists on leaving the hospital. Soon after, he is sick again and dies.

In the midst of it all, Meredith continues her fight against the disease and Jackson is still convinced to create a treatment plan for low-income Covid patients. He decides to talk to his mother, Catherine, about the plan, but ends up asking about his past. For her, her work is heroic and it was thanks to her that many hospitals have black doctors on the staff.