Gray’s Anatomy 17×10: Lexie and Mark are on the beach



Get your handkerchiefs. In the new episode of the 17th season of Gray’s Anatomy, one of the most anticipated appearances finally happened while Meredith continues to hallucinate on the beach. Lexie Gray, her sister who died after a plane crash, arrived to try to save Meredith. And she came with Mark Sloan, her true love and Derek’s best friend.

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More details of episode 17×10 of Gray’s Anatomy

The episode is titled “Breathe”, which immediately reminds us of one of the songs sung by Lexie in the musical episode of Gray’s Anatomy. The episode begins with Meredith seeing Lexie on the beach.

Meanwhile, at Gray Sloan Hospital (incidentally, it’s worth mentioning that we don’t always remember that the name of Seattle Grace was changed after Lexie and Mark died, but in this episode, it’s hard not to be moved to remember that), Richard warns the entire medical team that they only have four respiratory ventilators available and doctors will have to start getting creative.

On the beach, Lexie asks Meredith if she plans to stay there on the beach and says it takes a while to get used to that feeling. Then, Mark appears and Meredith confirms that the two managed to be together after her death. Therefore, she claims that she likes to be there on the beach, surrounded by the people she lost.

However, Mark says the worst of it is seeing his loved ones arriving and not being able to help them. Lexie says that Meredith needs to find things that comfort her, even in the middle of a pandemic, such as those who are still alive.

As if it weren’t hard enough to find Lexie and Mark, in the real world, Owen is exchanging text messages with Cristina, who insists that he send a photo of Meredith’s monitors. Will we also have the participation of actress Sandra Oh still in this season of Gray’s Anatomy?

Mark and Lexie seem to be the most trying to send Meredith back to life. Lexie knows that she doesn’t like change and her pain is great, but the two insist that she shouldn’t waste her life. The doctors manage to get Meredith out of the intubation and she starts breathing on her own, without needing the help of the devices. Excited, Owen tells the news to Zola at the end of the episode.

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