Gray’s Anatomy 17th season: debut has unexpected return


Gray’s Anatomy fans received an unexpected return for the series’s 17th season premiere: actor Patrick Dempsey, responsible for bringing the iconic Derek Shepherd to life, one of the main characters in the medical series who ended up being involved in an accident and dying.

Dempsey’s return is extremely remarkable, since the last time we saw him on Gray’s Anatomy was in 2015!

However, Derek’s appearance was not the only notable event for Gray’s Anatomy 17th season. In addition, we also saw the representation of the arrival of covid-19 from the perspective of doctors, also showing an even closer approximation with the accidents shown in Station 19 and the respective characters of each series.

That is, this debut surprised and a lot! Check out more of our recap.

More details of the premiere of the 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy
In the premiere of the 17th season of Gray’s Anatomy, we have a slightly strange flashback between Jo and Jackson, showing that things went a little further than we imagined.

She asks for a sexual favor and he takes him home, but things get weird when Jo starts crying while kissing Jackson and it all gets worse when they return to the hospital and need to deal with each other professionally, even after everything what happened earlier.

However, focusing on the part that fans were really waiting for, the end of the two-hour special episode ends up showing Meredith unconscious in the hospital parking lot.

She is found by Cormac and her mind begins to wander, causing the protagonist to find herself on a beach accompanied by Derek, who beckons to his former wife. At first, it may seem that the team would only use computer graphics to make the character at a distance and unfocused, but as we get closer, it is clear that it is, in fact, the doctor, who drew gasps from viewers for a long time on Grey’s Anatomy.

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Best of all, the return of Patrick Dempsey does not seem to be something punctual used just for this episode, specifically. The preview indicates that, possibly, we can see more of the reunion between Derek and Meredith for a longer time, even if it is still uncertain, after all, the interaction is only the result of Mer’s own unconscious.

How will this reunion influence Gray’s Anatomy season 17? Will Derek give any revolutionary advice to Meredith? We’ll find out soon!


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