Gray markets sell negative COVID-19 tests


Last week, French police arrested seven people for selling COVID-19 negative certificates at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, according to the Associated Press. The news prompted the authorities to issue a warning on the type of conduct. A public health risk, the certificates cost between U $ 180 and $ 360 (about R $ 980 and R $ 1960, respectively, in direct exchange). It has not yet been confirmed whether the nature of the operations is mafia or small-scale.

If convicted, the suspects could face up to 5 years on bail of hundreds of dollars. In an interview with The Lancshire Telegraph, an anonymous man confessed to having made the purchase to travel to Pakistan, alleging difficulty in accessing and scheduling tests for non-essential workers required by airports, especially with last-minute travel. “You can just get the negative test and change the name and date of birth to your own,” he comments on the difficulty.

Necessary bureaucracy

In the same context, the anonymous concludes by stating that any passenger with symptoms of the new coronavirus face even more difficulties in scheduling prevention and identification tests, making travel essentially impossible. The nature of the discussion about public health bureaucracy, to the detriment of personal plans, deepens when considering that another anonymous traveler claimed that British guards offered negative tests to facilitate the travel process.

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