Graphics tablet: much more than a drawing accessory


Have you ever heard of a graphics tablet? The device is lightweight and looks like a clipboard. Despite being widely used by professionals in the areas of design, animation, editing and artistic design, the equipment can make life easier for many who work every day in front of the computer, even playing the role of a mouse.

The equipment has pressure sensitivity, so everything you write or draw on its surface will appear on your computer screen. Its biggest function is as a digital drawing table, allowing you to create your work in a more practical and quick way. And in addition to offering more speed and precision than a mouse, the accessory is also considered more ergonomic.

How much does a graphics tablet cost?

The prices of tablet computers can vary a lot depending on the resources it has, such as included software and screen, in addition to its application: professional or amateur.

But don’t worry, we have separated some models for the most diverse application and price profiles. Check out.

Wacom One CTL472 Graphics Tablet

Compact and with easy connectivity – just connect the accessory’s USB cable to your computer – the Wacom One tablet offers good control and precision, thanks to its electromagnetic pen that has a sensitivity of 2048 levels. The model allows for detailed photo editing and precise tracing for digital illustrations.

Creative Wacom Bluetooth Small Intuos Graphics Tablet

A good choice for professional use, this Wacom model is designed to adapt to left-handed and right-handed users. The table has a USB and Bluetooth connection and your pen is sensitive to 4K pressure. It also comes with three downloadable programs: Corel Painter Essentials 7, Corel Aftershot 3 and CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO. Perfect for drawing, be it comics, manga or animations and editing photos.

Huion H420 Graphics Tablet

If your demand is not so high and you are looking for a cost-effective model, this one is for you. The Huion H420 graphics tablet offers excellent control over the thickness, transparency and color of its lines. Ideal for beginners who are thinking of getting started using the device.

Huion Inspiroy HS64 Graphics Tablet

Looking for mobile graphics tablet? The HS64 model, from Huion, is compatible with tablets and smartphones powered by Android 6.0 or higher. In addition to the high-precision stylus, the HS64 also features 4 customizable pressure keys so you can always have your favorite features at your fingertip. Its micro USB connectivity ensures faster response.


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